Summer Courses

Summer Course

This course runs for a minimum of two weeks during July and August. The start dates are Mondays 4th and 18th July and 1st and 22nd August 2016. The course is available at 5 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced, and the maximum class size is five (5) students.

N.B: Monday 1st August is a public holiday and there is a full-day excursion for all students on that day in place of classes.

The course includes:

  • 15 hours of tuition per week in small group classes
  • Single room half board host family accommodation
  • One midweek half-day excursion per week
  • One tour of North Clare on the middle Saturday or Sunday
  • Use of computer room, library and hall with badminton and table tennis
  • Use of kitchen at school with free tea,coffee and hot chocolate
  • Collection from Ennis or Shannon Airport at any time
  • Collection and return to Dublin airport on preceeding Sundays between 11.00 and 17.00 (group transfer by mini-bus so some hours of waiting for other students to arrive can be involved - not a taxi transfer)


medium-Fanore Beach -2Students can also avail of one afternoon excursion per week. These excursions include places of natural beauty, and places of historical or cultural interest which are not available by public transport.  Activities such as pitch and putt, hill walking and swimming are also included in our excursions prog
ramme for those students who prefer to be more active. Horse-riding and sailing are also available, but at an additional cost to the student.

There will be no tuition on the first Monday of August as it is a bank holiday that day. Instead there will be an all day excursion for students on this bank holiday and no afternoon excursion in that week.


The Summer Course includes host family accommodation. Families provide a single room, breakfast and evening meal. Students can book their place with the family from Saturday to Saturday, or from Sunday to Sunday.  Rooms with private shower and toilet are available at an extra charge of €100 for two weeks.
We require students under the age of 18 to pay a supplement for full board with their host families. This policy is designed to ensure that students eat three meals each day while they are under our care. This supplement amounts to an extra €50 for two weeks.

We take great care to place students with families where the only common language is English.  We also have detailed questions on our registration form to find out if students have any preferences with regard to the type of family or any dietary needs.

Academic Guidelines

We establish our class groupings on the basis of the English language levels of the students in the school for that particular fortnight. Placement is a sensitive issue with adults and we conduct the Oxford Placement Test in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.   We give the student their results and then suggest classes/levels to them. This is done in an open manner and students are clear that they have the right to move class if necessary.

The Summer Course provides for five levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. There is no class of Beginners.

We believe students are more capable of learning when they are relaxed and open to processing knowledge, so the creation of a pleasant learning environment is vital to successful training. In this environment we aim to meet the three essential conditions for language learning:-

  1. Exposure to rich but comprehensible input
  2. Motivation stimulating interest in the subject in question
  3. Use of new material presented in the performance-relevant tasks

To this end we draw from a wide range of training methods, but with the principal emphasis on individual, paired or group tasks in order to stimulate interest, enhance performance and gain confidence in the target language. We create tasks through the use of newspapers, magazines, radio cassettes, television and video. We exploit language from song and story, drawing on the students’ own culture and tradition and we include play with puzzles and board games. We also use formal textbooks and grammar exercise books.

We believe an effective course is created through dialogue between the teacher and learners. So the agenda for the Summer Course, as with all our non-examination courses, is set by the students themselves and the students’ agenda and language needs are the focus of the course.

In this course we ask students to keep a learning diary and we also hold frequent feedback sessions where we ask students to assess the effectiveness of their course to date in meeting their needs. These sessions also examine where improvements on content and methodology can be made. This feedback is invaluable for maintaining the language learning efficiency of the course.

Benefits of our Summer Course

This is a small programme with a maximum of 40 places on the Summer Course. This means learners have more individual attention and better opportunity to learn.
The fact that Clare Language Centre is located in the small town of Ennis is a decided advantage for our Summer Course students. Our students always comment on the friendliness of the Clare people and they have ample opportunity to practise their English outside of class. People in this part of Ireland have time to talk to you.
The Summer Course generally has a good mix of nationalities. Last summer for example, we had Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Belgian and Swiss students. The small student numbers combined with the international mix of nationalities means that students are able to communicate in English outside of class, which is vital for practising the language.
There is a good range of ages on the Summer Course (from 16 to 65) and students usually have a good social life sharing lunches, picnics, pub visits, weekend trips and of course, discos for the young. We assist students with planning evening and weekend activities. Students often visit Irish music pubs, Irish dancing sessions and classes. At weekends students often travel together to visit the Aran Islands, Galway, Cork or Dublin.
The usual duration of the Summer Course is two weeks and the price is €1050 for the two week course with everything included. However, some students want to extend to three weeks and the price is €1550 for a three week course.

Individual collection at Cork Airport is extra and the extra fee is €125 for pick up and return to Cork Airport at any time. Individual collection at Dublin Airport (outside the hours of 11- 17 on Sundays) is €200 for pick up and return to Dublin Airport at any time.