English Language Test

Test your English Language abilities

1) I speak English and my friend _____ too.
2) I think _____ taxi driver.
3) What is your home town _____?
4) I promise I _____ here for your birthday party.
5) How _____ are you?
6) How long _____ playing football?
7) Would you like _____ help?
8) They ______ go to the cinema.
9) He hasn't played since he ______ injured in the accident.
10) This is the best pizza I've ______ tasted.
11) I'm looking ________ the summer holidays.
12) My girlfriend ________ born on the 2nd of September 1984.
13) She reads ________.
14) ________ can make a mistake in life.
15) She knows that she ________ to pay now.
16) If he ________ about it, I'm sure he would help.
17) I'll listen to the CD when I ________ home.
18) They said they ________ come, but they didn't.
19) They were ________ difficult questions that I had no chance.
20) ________ with that computer yet?
21) Mum gave ________ her job when I was born.
22) It's alright, we ________ hurry. We have plenty of time.
23) You have a high temperature! ________ call a doctor?
24) Joanna looks ________ in her new dress.
25) Mr Haines wants ________ to his office.
26) Did you ________ anywhere interesting last weekend?
27) Last year, he ________ more than 45 books.
28) These bottles ________ of plastic.
29) Do you know where ________?
30) Anna doesn't have ________ news on his whereabouts
31) We went to the beach________it was raining.
32) The loudspeakers won't work unless you________those cables.
33) Ann is in hospital. I think I ________ her tomorrow
34) Marian has________old books.
35) Helen has got two children________?
36) Let's think________what to do next week?
37) A Toyota is a ________car than a Fiat.
38) I don't believe you, you always________excuses!
39) If only you________said something earlier, we could have done something else.
40) This time next week, I ________ to Mexico!
41) I made one or two mistakes, but________of my answers were correct.
42) You can't cross the road when the light________red.
43) I________if you had called me!
44) Our neighbour is going to ________from the airport.
45) I________a café in the centre of town since 2010.
46) She realized that she________her umbrella at the restaurant.
47) She________him do his homework immediately after school.
48) He suggested________the dog for a walk in the park.
49) If only I________the answer to your question.
50) Simon________for hours when we got there.
51) Romeo and Juliet________by Shakespeare.
52) Somebody stole his wallet so he________money from a friend.
53) We had to ________after the hurricane.
54) He apologized ________late.
55) Do we have to________this form now?
56) You________my boyfriend today. He is in France at the moment.
57) I would ________ speak to him again.
58) My colleague________in our company for five years is getting married.
59) She was 29 on her birthday,________she?
60) I________in the dictionary but I can't find the words.
61) The doctor has told her that she must________her drinking.
62) There was a lot of noise so I didn't understand what she was ________.
63) At the moment, I ________ to work.
64) I gave her a pair of earrings for Christmas________she didn't like them.
65) Would you like some more tea? There's still ________left.
66) She didn't want the job, ________.
67) The thieves have been________for armed robbery.
68) The financial director________for almost an hour.
69) Exciting news! My________sister is getting married.
70) I didn't realise that the coffee shop was________the other side of the road.
71) The receptionist ________on the phone when the package arrived.
72) I________four languages.
73) The language school is 20 kilometres________
74) No football team________the Champions League cup 15 times.
75) He has ________a fortune on the internet.
76) They had to travel by train because the flight was________expensive.
77) ________ a book on the table. Can you move it please?
78) I met my girlfriend________Christmas day.
79) I love listening to________on my MP3.
80) Michael hates________his homework in the afternoon.
81) Peter is an uncle of________.
82) She________a blue shirt today.
83) I have a________.
84) Have you found a job________?
85) Elvis won ______his first music award in the 1950s.
86) I advise you________by taxi.
87) We decided to continue our journey________.
88) We took our waterproofs but as it turned out we________.
89) He treated me________a child.
90) The examiner knows the regulations________.
91) Since meeting Marie, David has been dreaming________getting married.
92) _______that my boss was planning to retire, I decided to apply for his post.
93) He said he ________ any money.
94) He was ________from the 100 metres final.
95) It's ________that you are here to help me.
96) I've told you________to stop making that noise.
97) We'd better not stay up too late,________?
98) I wish you________quiet!
99) I think she's lovely________
100) Magda knows a lot about badgers, but she________a live one.

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