Cambridge First Certificate (F.C.E.)

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)

First Certificate in English (F.C.E). By the end of the year intermediate level students should be able to acheive a pass in the Cambridge FCE examination. The FCE exam is widely recognised in commerce and industry in Britain and overseas as proof of language ability at the upper-intermediate level. It is the most widely taken of all the Cambridge EFL examinations with well over 250,000 candidates each year.

Preparation Courses for the Cambridge First

These examination courses run per five week term or per academic year of 25 weeks and are aimed at preparing students for the General Examination of the Cambridge First.

In 2016 the five terms will be:

  • 21st March to 22nd April
  • 9th May to 10th June
  • 4th July to 5th August
  • 22nd August to 23rd September
  • 26th September to 28th October


The Core syllabus contains four units:

  1. Preparation for the FCE examination.
  2. Reading a variety of texts based on authentic material such as novels and short stories, newspaper and magazine articles, guide books and informational materials, correspondence, messages and reports.
  3. Speaking and listening skills including general conversation, comprehension and exchange of personal and factual information, interpretation and expression of beliefs, opinions and ideas.
  4. Written communication including formal and informal letters, messages and reports.

Term Fee: €1250

Academic Year: €4,500

Examination Courses include:

  • 100 hours of tuition per term
  • 20 hours per week
  • 15 hours of classes in small group per week from 9.30-13.00 Monday to Friday
  • 25 hours of small group specific examination preparation sessions in the afternoons per term
  • Maximum number of students per class is 5
  • 5 week term

Please note Clare Language Centre may also run preparation courses for the Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge BEC, TOEFL and TOEIC examinations on request.